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Being at your best

  • Managing your mindset - consciously choosing your thinking to maximise your performance
  • Knowing your fuel - using your personal fuel to power your work and life
  • Values based working - using the Life Tagline to be at your best
  • Mind clearing - access a calm, clear mind to perform at your best at any time
  • Creating positive habits - using the psychology of motivation to create lasting habits

Better not busier

  • Thought leadership -  to challenge people’s existing relationship with being busy and the prevailing culture of ‘doing’ in our organisations and society
  • Identifying the problem - the cost of busyness on work performance and leadership performance, as well as the personal impact
  • Tackling the issue – how to create a calm and resilient mindset
  • Practical actions and takeaways - how to be ‘Better not Busier’ and create space in a busy world

Qualifications and Credentials

For coaching to work well, the relationship between the coach and the individual is the most important thing.  It’s the “secret sauce”. That said, qualifications and credentials are an indicator of a coach’s experience and professional commitment.

I hold myself to the highest levels of professional practice as both a psychologist and coach through my ongoing accreditation, continuous professional development, professional supervision and my commitment to always learning from the best teachers from round the world.

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  • Accredited Coach - Senior Practitioner (European Mentoring & Coaching Council)
  • Chartered Psychologist (Psychological Society of Ireland & The British Psychological Society)
  • Licensed Firework career coach
  • Co-Active Coach (CTI UK)
  • B.A (1st class honours), MSc & PhD in Psychology  
  • Lecturer on the MBA programme at Trinity College Dublin (2005-2019)